SKINCARE COLLECTION BY BAGTELIER 7 December, 2020 – Posted in: Sin categoría

During this 2020 our normal lifestyle has changed due to the pandemic. At Bagtelier we have realized that most of us started new beauty routines and began using more skincare products and cosmetics than usual. We wanted to try, test and see ourselves with a glowy skin. We also had more time at home, so we could spend more time pampering our skin.

Being in quarantine has given us the opportunity to perfect our skin care regimens and remain consistent with them, which is something we may not have given ourselves time to do before.

When asked specifically about the pandemic, 22% of women have changed their skin care routine because of COVID-19. Most are washing or moisturizing their face more often than pre-pandemic; one-third have expanded their routine to include more products; and the majority of those using more products intend to stick with their new routine when things normalize.

Did you know that between March 15th and April 14th, there were over 200,000 searches for skin care products?

Popular search terms included: “facemask,” “cleansing,” “moisturizing,” and “foot care products.”

With increased popularity and interest in skin care during self-isolation, we want to make sure that you are treating your skin well and nourishing it properly with the right products for you.

After some research of which are the best products, and different skincare routines, we have carefully selected the best skincare products so you can start your routine and have a healthy and vibrant skin!



Well, Korean cosmetics is synonymous of high-quality cosmetic ingredients at an affordable price. Quality, Innovation and Efficiency. All this without forgetting its adorable packagins that make taking care of your skin a unique experience. It is packed with active ingredients and natural ingredients, as well as the high concentration of active ingredients that make them cosmetics that really work. Made in Korea cosmetics have conquered our beauty routines day after day and are here to stay.

So, what’s better than to bring you Korea without leaving home?

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